precious beds are a "must have" for both toddler & parents!

Why your toddler will LOVE our beds!:

Modern toddler beds with their minimal designs may be nice for parents, but  not for a child with imagination!  Our toddler beds make bedtime like a  trip to Disneyland!

     Some toddlers must adjust to the "New baby" on the way.  Giving up their bed to the new baby is tough.  Not with our toddler beds!  They will gladly give up their convertible crib for a Precious Bed to snuggle with who's eyes close to go night-night with them!  

With upholstery that is Green Guard Certified & safety tested for use around infants and children, you have a stain resistant, hypo-allergenic, microbial bed for toddlers that can be cleaned with mild soap and water; Approved for hospitals and Kolcraft products as well! 

Allergies are no problem!


1.  Toddlers can't wait to go "Night-Night" with them and sleep in their own bed...and stay there!

2.  The detailed artistry and charm of these toddler beds, transforms the child's whole bedroom into a designer room!

3.  They are transitional furniture, long-term pieces. 

They grow WITH your child. 
The Toddler Bed becomes a Twin Upholstered Headboard!)

4.  Toddlers need Stain Resistant, Non-Toxic, Green Guard Certified Upholstery! (Water wipe up!  Microbial: Allergies, accidents, no problem!)

5.  These toddler beds are designed to appear laying down WITH the toddler so they do not feel they are sleeping alone & their eyes close to go "Night-Night" WITH the toddler.  (Co-sleeping toddler beds!)

6.  "Toddler" means not steady on one's feet. So why are toddler beds hard?  Our toddler beds are a SOFT place to fall! Wood, plastic, rod iron beds cause bumps and bruises!  These toddler beds are just slightly off off the ground to allow air flow underneath for moisture or spills.

7.  They are MADE IN THE USA by top furniture craftsmen and women. Quality Guarantied!

8.  Bedtime fears can lead to learning and behavioral problems in children from sleep deprivation as well as health issues. Parents co-sleeping with Toddlers can also cause sleep deprivation in parents, depression, inflammation, as well as lack of adult intimacy!

9.  Mom & Daddy get their bed back, needed rest the next day without a toddler kicking them in the head, so they can work the next day! Furthermore, PRECIOUS BEDS just may save a marriage!

10.  PRECIOUS BEDS are the "Wow" gift that is guaranteed to be a hit and light up a child's eyes, calm their fears, and make bedtime a HAPPY time!

Mom tested, Kid approved!

Bedtime memories need to be wonderful ones not fearful ones!  Make bedtime a HAPPY time with Precious Beds!