A mom's heartfelt invention

The Precious Story, Behind Precious Beds ... .

From TV show musician / singer to children's furniture designer!  Your biggest creative ideas can come from pain!

About Us


Childhood Night Terrors and Bedtime Fears

Inventor/Designer Heidi Guthrie grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon called "Bear Acres".  Her father at 6'3, 250 lbs, was called "Bear". Heidi, with an artistic, wild imagination, grew up terrified of the dark and would cry out to her father to come to her aid at night when she was afraid of the boogeyman.  

 "The Bear" (daddy) would lay next to her so SHE could sleep, and HE would thus wake stiff-necked and sleep deprived from trying to sleep on a pink, twin, girl's canopy bed to comfort his little girl's fears.  Her father inspired her to make a "Bear Bed" that wrapped its arms around her child so she could rest and be in good health to be a Mama the next day!  

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Women are having children at older ages

Precious Beds were created by a Mom, for a Mom.  Women are having children over 40 and although a 25 year old can be up all night then go to work the next day and not experience inflammation or health issues, a woman over 40 cannot.  Heidi Guthrie became a first time Mom at 42 and with a newborn & nursing around the clock for 2 years her body desperately needed sleep to recover.  From interrupted sleep Heidi developed tendonitis in both wrists and planter fasciitis in both feet from SLEEP DEPRIVATION. 

She desperately needed a solution that would entice her toddler to sleep in his own bed.  She designed a bed to make sleeping in his own bed irresistible to him!  

She created "The Teddy Bear That Holds You!" for her little boy Isaiah so he no longer felt he was sleeping alone!  Once her toddler slept in his own bed her inflammation ceased! Heidi has created several designs 

to provide a toddler sleeping solution 

for tired Mom's everywhere!



Our Goal Is Toddlers Feeling Secure Enough To Sleep Independently!

Co-sleeping studies and beds for infants we find a great thing, however co-sleeping with a toddler leads to parents being sleep deprived which can lead to health trouble in mom including inflammation, depression / anxiety as well as hindering a marriage.  A toddler kicking you in the head does not make for a happy Mama tomorrow.  Precious Beds sleep with your little one so they feel they are not alone eliminating tears and fears at bedtime!

Fun Facts About The Designer!

Heidi Guthrie has appearances include: THE TONIGHT SHOW, THE TODAY SHOW, THE VIEW, NASHVILLE STAR TV SHOW (house band musician) CMA AWARDS AND THE GRAND OL OPRY! 

Heidi is an accomplished Nashville recording studio musician & singer, a former TV Musician-Singer, and has toured on over 15 major label country recording artist tours, Her original tune "Average All American Girl" is soon coming out in 2019 in an upcoming Hollywood Movie produced by Mika Boorem, and Bed Boorem.  Actors include: Billy Bob Thornton, Paige Howard, Tom Arnold and many other stars!